Welcome !

My name is Elise, i am a french graphic designer currently living in Malmö, Sweden.

On EAT IT ALIVE i share my passion for eating, creating images and being alive.
It is a journal about my travel through creative cooking and healthy eating.

All the recipes are vegetarian and most of the time plant-based. EAT IT ALIVE is about
eating simple, real and delicious food. I don't follow any diet and don't want to lock myself
into any category. My food philosophy is more about listening to my body, being curious
and be as close to nature as possible. I like to use seasonal and unrefined ingredients
and transform them into generous meals full of life and nutriments.

Have a good day


All pictures, drawings and recipes on this site are originals created by Elise Esposito.
Photography of me in the kitchen was taken by Gianluca La Bruna
Illustration of me in the kitchen was made by Loke Berg